Trust is the emotional currency of business

The 1:1:1 May, 2021

On the power and potency of Trust.

Here’s the 1:1:1 —

1: Idea

“Trust is the emotional currency that all businesses speak and trade in.

When you have high trust in teams, you get increased collaboration, accountability, innovation, and results.

When you have high trust with customers, you get loyalty and referrals.

— Steven Morris, from Trust Series

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1: Inspiration

Trust is not something you build. It’s something you earn. You can choose to act trustworthy by demonstrating your integrity, benevolence, and reliability. But it’s up to others to grant you trust—and it’s up to you to keep earning it.” 

— Adam Grant

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1: Tool
Cultivating trust.

In my years of working with teams and cultures, I cannot find a single social variable with more impact than trust.

Trust works in four quadrants: the upsides and downsides, and on teams and with customers.

The clinical word for trust is psychological safety. On teams and in your customer relationships, this is an environment of mutual trust and respect. An environment where people feel safe to take risks, admit their failures, and fully express themselves. 

Ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to work on a team that unites to do work of greater meaning?  

Who wouldn’t want to contribute to a team that has dependability, clarity, and structure to create greater impact?

Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment where you’re invited to be your wholehearted self?  

And, if you could be your wholehearted self at work, isn’t that also you at your highest-performing best? 

This toolkit offers three methods I employ for creating trust in teams:

  • Culture Integrity Benchmark Process
  • Human “Fingerprint” Process
  • Right Hire Process

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