denise lee yohn what great brands do

A Great Book for Great Brands

What do Nike, Apple, Zappos and Starbucks have in common? They are all great brands. Anyone in the branding world or a leader who’s leading a company with a committed brand will tell you that building a great brand is hard work. Many people look for help in lots of ways that range from hiring a branding agency, like Mth Degree, to reading a good book on branding.
I can tell you however that good books on building world-class brands are harder to find than great brands in the marketplace. One recent addition to books on branding is What Great Brands Do, written by Denise Lee Yohn.

denise lee yohn what great brands do

The brands noted above, and many others, are all brands that Denise discusses and the brand-building attributes behind their success in her newly published book. In What Great Brands Do, Denise identifies seven key attributes that great brands have in common.
In her book Denise reveals that Great Brands…

  1. start inside
  2. avoid selling products
  3. ignore trends
  4. don’t chase customers
  5. sweat the small stuff
  6. commit and stay committed
  7. never have to “give back”

To read more, you can find What Great Brands Do on Amazon and visit Denise’s author page here.
At Mth Degree, we’ve had the honor to work alongside Denise for many years and have teamed with her in helping brands become world-class in various industries. We can personally attest to the legitimacy of the attributes within her book as critical success elements for any company who’s serious about their brand.

-Steve Morris, Founder and Principal at Mth Degree

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