The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core.

Do you want to transform your business into an unignorable force?

Written by brand and culture strategist Steven Morris with 25+ years of brand-building experience, this book is for the (re)evolutionary business leader who wants to transform their business into a calling for their people—their team, customers, and partners.

Steve has guided more than 250+ brands and worked with 3,000+ business leaders to help them transform their business and attract more of the right customers.

Any business will, at times, find itself challenged or struggling. With a beautiful business, you will find meaning when you will invariably struggle. Your purpose, properly chiseled within your business, will move you beyond that struggle. This inner force is required to create extraordinary value and make a difference in the lives of all of our stakeholders.

What you’ll find inside.

A beautiful business is both a creative act of claiming your birthright as a human creator and leader, and an act of defiance from the myopic and arbitrary rules that profit-only businesses operate from.

In The Beautiful Business, you’ll discover:

  • How and why to build belonging, integrity, and magnetism in your business—regardless of business size or industry.
  • Insights into “Evolved Leadership” and ways to approach your own leadership evolution.
  • How to create an unignorable brand that attracts more of the right people and creates over-time loyalty.
  • Why putting love into your business propels your business forward.
  • Ways to get everyone on your team engaged, aligned, and pulling the business rope in the same direction.
  • How to go beyond the typical bottom-line results and outcomes in business, while still maximizing your business profit.

The Beautiful Business

A beautiful business takes us outside the superficial into the profound, past the collection of things into the realm of connection, beyond fragmentation into belonging, past the ordinary into the extraordinary, beyond transactions into transcendent experiences.

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