Webinar Recordings: Business Caring for Continuity Today—Essential Conversations 

A 4-Part Conversation Series & Pulse Survey

Webinar recordings for our 4-Part Conversation Series: Business Caring for Continuity Today.

Part 1: Brand Character & Behaviors Under Crisis

In this webinar, Steven Morris explored how brand character shows up in a crisis and how you can focus your brand communication during a crisis.

Part 2: Leading in Crisis—What to Say.

Lead by Jim Sheegog, this webinar focused on leading in crisis. When situations suddenly change, we resist the notion of acceptance. As leaders, we need to understand that employees may be in various stages of adjusting their own emotions. It’s natural for every single employee to ask, “What Just Happened?”.

Part 3: Productive Remote Meetings.

Led by Jerel Bonner, Corralling Chaos, this session featured practical behaviors for managers to be their sharpest in remote meetings. Remote meetings have increased to unprecedented levels overnight, while employees are under personal stress unimagined a few weeks ago. This webinar focused on how to lead productive remote meetings, so managers can adapt, change, and simplify meeting structures.

Part 4: Remote One on One’s

Ted Benson, Corralling Chaos, presents Remote One on One’s. Managers must check on their employees to help them feel safe and understand their personal situation. Flexible work hours during this period are critical, as team members have different working conditions. Managers need to accurately evaluate and support staff’s ability to be productive. Effective remote one on one’s are vital to have a pulse on the company’s systems during turbulent times.

Brand Character & Behaviors Under Crisis

Steven Morris, Matter Consulting

Leading in Crisis—What to Say?

Jim Sheegog, Rowhill Consulting

Productive Remote Meetings

Jerel Bonner, Corralling Chaos

Remote One on One’s

Ted Benson, Corralling Chaos