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CES 2016 – Tech for Everyone

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CES 2016 has come and gone, but the fun is just about to begin. Among the masses of new products featured, Smart Home/IOT (Internet of Things), wearable tech, drones and virtual reality were all hot topics—not to mention improvements to everyday products such as smart phones, TVs, home appliances and cameras. This means there’s something new for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for products hitting store shelves.CES Gear VR
Our clients had some great new product introductions, including:

  • LG – Smartphones getting smarter with Mobile High Definition Link: Mobile High Definition Link, or MHL, allows mobile devices like LG smart phones, to stream high definition quality picture and sound to televisions via a USB to HDMI cable. Mobile games, movies, apps and photos can be viewed in high definition on your TV. You can also use your phone as a controller, and as a bonus, your TV will charge your mobile device.
  • Samsung – Samsung Gear VR: The Samsung Gear VR wasn’t the newest piece of virtual reality technology at CES, but it was the most mature headset of them all. Considering the increasing competition and rising interest among consumers for virtual reality, having a road-tested VR headset ready to go may be the key to survival. Whether it’s the cost ($99, compared with the pricy Oculus Rift’s recently released $600 tag) or accessibility (games and videos are available for Galaxy smartphone users), Gear VR has cornered the tetherless, mobile virtual-reality headset game for itself.
  • Razer – Razer UltraBook: True gaming laptop: If you want to mix gaming and portability, typically you’re looking at a big, bulky laptop that’s…portable but not always practical or that portable. Razer has been working to change that over the past couple of years, and its latest ultraportable gaming machine is the Razer Blade Stealth.
  • Sony – 4K TVs with 4K Streaming: 4K TV sets have been at CES for years now, but the big question for customers has remained: how are they going to get any content? Sony is starting to solve that problem with a new app called Ultra, which will run on its new HDR TVs. Ultra will allow you to buy and stream movies from Sony Pictures’ catalog—there are supposed to be around 40 to 50 titles to start.

In addition to our perspective on what’s hot in tech, here’s a collection of some of the best collections from media outlets coming out of CES.

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