Denise Lee Yohn, Beautiful Business Podcast

Denise Lee Yohn / Beautiful Business Podcast

Beautiful Business Podcast / FUSION of Brand and Culture

“Have your own definition of success, be clear about that and own it for yourself… establish your own core values that will guide what you do and how you do it”

—  Denise Lee Yohn

In this episode, Steven Morris and Denise Lee Yohn discuss:

  • Importance of aligning your brand identity with your internal culture
  • Understanding leaders and how to lead effectively
  • Reconciling faith or belief with career
  • Having good personal branding versus showing your genuine self
  • Advice for younger people or those who aspire to level up their career

Key Takeaways:

  • Cultivating a strong brand identity or good culture starts from within the company 
  • Let your personal values be integrated into how you work – don’t keep your belief and career separate. 
  • Have an “others” leadership mindset – always ask how you can make others better. 
  • Setting up a personal brand is all about manipulating how others experience you but you can let go and just be your genuine and authentic self and let that shine. 

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My Two Podcast Questions:

How would you describe a “beautiful business?” And, is there an example of a beautiful business you know or have worked with?

I would say a beautiful business operates with integrity and imagination and makes a valuable impact. And I know like, people, sometimes don’t like when speakers start things with the same letter or whatever, but I was just kind of like trying to like pull together everything that I have learned from you about a beautiful business. It really is integrity, imagination, impact, and how those things come together beautifully.

— Denise Lee Yohn

Denise’s choice for a Beautiful Business: Chobani

“A company I really admire is Chobani and its founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya. …if you go back to my kind of definition or phrase that operates with integrity and magic and imagination, that makes a valuable impact. I feel like Chobani hits on all of those points.”

— Denise Lee Yohn

What “Non-Business Book for Business Leaders” would you recommend?

The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York

by Robert A. Caro

Description from Amazon: PULITZER PRIZE WINNER • A modern American classic, this huge and galvanizing biography of Robert Moses reveals not only the saga of one man’s incredible accumulation of power but the story of his shaping (and mis-shaping of twentieth-century New York. One of the Modern Library’s hundred greatest books of the twentieth century.

Denise Lee Yohn — The Beautiful Business book endorsement
Denise Lee Yohn — The Beautiful Business book endorsement

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