Evolvability: The ability to respond, change and adapt in the face of adversity. Your humanity makes you purpose-built to evolve and collaborate with heart and imagination.

Assuming we can go outside, one could walk down the street and see signs of just how resourceful businesses can be when faced with adversity.

Mandatory government closures have forced stores, restaurants, and cafes to serve differently. Here is some resourcefulness in action…

Mike Hess Brewing is selling home-made hand sanitizer.

Fuddruckers is selling bread directly to customers.

Milton’s Deli has Passover essentials via curbside pick-up.

Firehouse Subs takes care of their own by providing 80 free meals to firefighters in Temecula, CA and beyond.

De Le Ranch, a sustainable farm that usually sells at Farmer’s Markets, opened up a pop-up shop.

Does the leader shape the times or the times the leader? The creativity of caring minds and great characters are called forward in the face of great difficulties.

Great brands work with paradox: creative and disciplined, confident and humble, patient and persistent. For you, here are some relevant questions now:

  • What brilliant and beautiful things can you do with the things that are in your control?
  • What legacy are you creating for your company and life now?
  • What attributes of your brand character is showing and needed now?
  • What seeds are you planting now that will grow and flourish through this crisis?

It’s worth a reminder that we rarely have complete control over all things in business or life. We create agency when you take control of the things you can. We might only have this chance once to make the best of this time. If not now, when?

Speaking of questions…Here are two podcasts I recently did.

Beautiful Questions in Times of Crisis: With Jenny Blake on her PIVOT podcast, and another with Sarah Santacroce on the Gentle Business Revolution.

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