Exploring Your True North

Exploring Your True North

Over this past weekend, I was working on a particularly challenging section of my upcoming book The Beautiful Business. In this section, I was exploring, or rather trying to explain how a business leader can realize a “blue ocean” position.

One realization that I came to through the writing was: exceptional businesses don’t happen overnight. This is good news. You can evolve a beautiful business (or exceptional business), no matter where your business is right now.

The more challenging truth is that your business is never finished. It is a journey that will challenge you, change you and teach you what you need to know. I suspect you know this already. What may surprise you is how much the journey changes you. This happens slowly, over time, which sometimes is barely perceptible to us—I promise you others notice, though. I know I’ve changed drastically over the years, and I am blessed by that.

In the opening lines to his poem Working Together, David Whyte writes:

“We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again.

The visible
and the invisible

working together
in common cause,

to produce
the miraculous…”

Revealed and earned wisdom is more potent than education simply because it comes from the experience of our unique journey. By walking our own unique path, the path of authenticity, we discover what matters most to us and our team. Through this discovery, we remove obstacles of distraction so we fully commit our finite time and attention to what we believe is our most important work. The hard-earned “ah-ha’s” in our life will reorient our life trajectory and reframe what we want, what we do, and what we envision is possible.

On the journey to evolving your brand, your culture, or your beautiful business, one of the first things you will learn is what matters to you.

What is the vision, the promise, the BHAG for your business?

What is truly possible for the best version of your business?

What is your true north, your driving purpose, beyond just making money?

Answer these with clarity and commitment, and you’re on a path for an exceptional business.

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