For Every Product, a Solution.

For Every Product, a Solution.

Here’s a little-known insight behind all market successes: Every service or product that becomes a market success does so because it allows someone to do something they wanted to do, but couldn’t. 
Without the Walkman, you couldn’t listen to music on the go without a boom box. Without the iPod, you needed a Walkman and a single tape or CD to listen to music on the go. Without the iPhone, you needed a mobile phone, an iPod, a portable computer, and a GPS for all kinds of things.
Your product is innovative because it spans the gap between your customers’ imperfect current state, into their dreamy future state. 
Your brand must convey the experience and feeling they get from your products’ solution. 
Your marketing must tell the story of how their future lives will be changed for the better because of your product or service. 
Focus on improving lives, and you’ll sell products. Show your customers their future (and tap their imagination), and you’ll capture their attention and gain their loyalty.
Some other innovative products:

Without FedEx, you needed to wait more than a day for your package.
Without Amazon, you couldn’t easily, quickly and conveniently shop online.
Without Lyft and Uber, you had to call a taxi.
Without PayPal, you had to send a check.
Without Airbnb, you could only book a hotel room.
Without Postmates and UberEats, you could only get pizza delivered.
Without Otter, you needed to record then transcribe meetings.
Without Etsy, you had to go to flea markets or galleries.
Without Expedia, you needed a travel agent.

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