Homemade, Handmade, Humanmade

Homemade, Handmade, Humanmade

One of my COVID projects was to rebuild a backyard deck that needed some love. Part of the tools used were ones I inherited from my great grandfather who made his living crafting beautiful handmade furniture.

We live in a world of mass-produced goods that we have grown to expect should be delivered in a day (or less) to our doorstep—thanks to Amazon and others. There are some wonderful upsides for the convenience of getting what you need fast. 

But during these times, I’m finding more and more value in things that are hard to make, and are done slowly, carefully, thoughtfully, by the hands of skilled craftspeople and makers.

It wasn’t all that long ago that we lived in a world where homemade had the stigma as the choice for people with fewer options. Making something at home or making do was a signal of lacking resources.

Then the time came when it became easier to replace something rather than repair or reuse it. Instead of repairing the dress, the shoes, the washer, people just purchased new.

Now, in this time, when our movements and options are relatively confined, those of us fortunate enough to still be healthy and working are relearning what it means to be grateful for what we have and can do.

We’re finding joy in reclaiming skills, things, and time that nourishes us. We are rekindling our resilience. We are creating new relationships with time. And we’re remembering the abundance of enoughness. Maybe we simply have more time to count our blessings.

More and more, slower is better. Our gratitude is greater. What’s difficult is scarce. What’s scarce is valuable. What’s valuable is made by experts and artisans.

Amidst the get it now world, we’re treasuring the rarity of things and experiences when they’re done carefully by expert hands.

My wish for you is that you have the time to count your blessings, have the space to appreciate what you value, and you are surrounded by enoughness in all things.

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