knitting octopus

How does a speed-knitting octopus sell laptops?

You gotta see this? — Yes, that’s what we were thinking too.

knitting octopus

This lovely creature is only one of three concepts designed to stop retail customers in their tracks when browsing for their next Samsung computer. And they are coming to stores near you.
Discover Samsung ATIV is an in-shop sales tool that features the new line of Samsung ATIV smart PCs.
Installed as a native Windows 8 app, it highlights the features of the new Samsung ATIV product lineup.
Samsung partnered with Mth Degree to create an innovative solution to introduce their ATIV laptops, tablets, and all-in-ones to Best Buy customers and retail sales associates.
The result is a disruptive, engaging, interactive in-store experience.

Samsung is known for being innovative and courageous, and our Discover Samsung ATIV app captures the essence of both.
 Discover Samsung ATIV works with a built-in simulated screensaver that will make customers curious enough to attract them in the usually crowded store environment.
Want to find out what happens when you give a hummingbird some coffee?
Or what happens when a chameleon meets a rubber duck?
The answer is revealed as soon as the customer engages with the device—
and simultaneously spotlights one of the unique product benefits.

At first touch, the Discover Samsung ATIV app comes to life and invites users to tap, swipe, and explore the features of each product.
While enjoying the interactive product tour, customers are also introduced to the ATIV universal features, including an interactive product selection tool and the opportunity to “test-drive” the Windows 8 OS.
We are proud to have been involved in creating the Discover Samsung ATIV app. With it we created a unified ATIV brand experience that is aligned with the Samsung global brand and provides great value for customers and sales personnel alike.
The app can be found in the Windows app store or running on Samsung ATIV devices at your local Best Buy store, so check it out today!

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