Mth Degree’s 8 Core Values

Mth Degree’s 8 Core Values

Core values are the non-negotiable beliefs that underpin the way in which a company behaves, acts, and works. For us at Mth Degree, they are also how we make our most critical decisions.
The team at Mth Degree recently refined our 8 core values and we’re excited to unveil to you our expression of these.
Sharing our values with you is a powerful commitment to our goals, which are the building blocks to our brand promise (“We move people”) and our purpose as a business (“We create remarkable”).

Wow them.

We wholeheartedly own and embrace being and delivering extraordinary. We provide strategic thinking, brilliant creative and stellar service that delights clients and ignites their bottom line. We are passionate, prepared and proactive in all of our interactions. And we are only successful when our clients and their audiences say “WOW!”

Start and end with why.

Asking “Why?” isn’t just a question— it anchors our strategic thinking, and guides our understanding of what we need to achieve and who we impact. Staying connected with “Why?” ensures we keep focus on our purpose and end result.

Make it matter.

We do work of significance. All of our passionate efforts contribute to making the world a better place—for us as individuals, our team, our clients, their audiences, our partners and our community.

Quality is non-negotiable.

Mthº has no interest in being just good—we exist to be great. Total commitment to uphold quality in all that we do is a cornerstone of our “WOW!” and why we thrive.

Never stop exploring.

We will never settle for the safe or obvious. Not for any challenge. Not as a team. Not as individuals.

Be fearless.

Be courageous. Be bold. Be confident. In order to do work that matters we must extend ourselves beyond the familiar and never hold back. By being fearless in the face of challenges, we are inventive, limitless and inspire courageous leadership.

Have fun.

We find the fun in every day… even if it’s hiding.

Collaborate with heart.

When we work together, we win together. Mutual respect and heartfelt dedication nurture the relationships between our team, our clients and our partners.

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