On Doing Our Work.

On Doing Our Work.

Part of my purpose in life is to help businesses thrive, not just survive.
My work in brand strategy is to mine, then amplify the best parts of a business and the good people that lead and work within them. I’ve been doing this work for over two decades. During this time, I’ve had the honor to work with and help evolve more than 250 brands (from Fortune 100 companies, to small businesses, to high-achieving soloprenuers) and well over 3,000 business leaders.
While that’s all simply stats and figures, what really matters is the impact for businesses and their customers—this is what I’m most proud of.
Businesses reporting back after a brand evolution program have measured business growth of 602% and one company measured the ROI effect on our work at 2,487%.
One of our clients this year cited that they “had a hard time keeping up with product demand” (products selling 3x faster than prior to our work with them).
Another stated, “Their customer satisfaction was the highest it has ever been.”
Still another stated that they have led three national re-branding programs internally at previous companies, and the one we did for them was by far the smoothest; most well received, both internally to the culture and publicly.
And one more stated that they’ve raised more money this year than they had in the last three years because of our work.” 

Ultimately, here’s what I do. 

I work with business leaders to discover what’s best about their business offering and help them tell that story the world. It’s work that evolves a business and its brand. It’s work that crafts brand beliefs, language, and expression based on deeply held beliefs of organizations. It’s work that brings customers closer to your business and to stay closer over time. It’s work that creates exponential results for businesses. It is work I love to do. In its own way during these ever-complex times, it’s work that makes the world a better place.
As our year comes to a close, I send out a huge thank you to everyone we’ve had the privilege to work along side and entrust us with your business.
I thank everyone who reads my books and thought leadership insights.
I thank everyone who’s attended my talks, presentations, workshops, and webinars.
And I thank you all for doing your good work to help make this world, our world, a better place.
This world needs your work, your beautiful business, and for your work to take root and bear fruit for the benefit of everyone.
Onward to more — Better brands. Better business. Better life.
With gratitude, Steven Morris

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