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Our Best Client Relationships

When we are collectively at our best
What is your best client relationship? A short while ago during an RFP process that Mth Degree was invited into, a client included what we thought was a brilliant and beautiful question. Not only was it a question we’d never heard from a client before, we found it a courageous and insightful question that said a great deal about the client. At the same time it was an invitation for us to think more deeply about not only what our best client relationship was, ­but where we did our best (most effective, innovative and efficient) work. Not surprising our best work came from our best relationships.

fearless sign

Here is a paraphrased version of our response
Purpose, mission and vision are terms that are too often tossed around the corporate world with meaningless weight. It’s our feeling that the best companies in the world have a purpose-centric reason for being. This reason for being is the self-chosen and defined difference that they’re trying to make in the world. While making money is mission-critical for any business, it is not why companies exist. They exist, we believe, to make a significant, positive impact on the lives of their audiences and the larger community beyond.
Beyond purpose, we believe that the mission of an organization is defined by the core strategy that must be deployed to fulfill the purpose. Furthermore, we believe that the vision of an organization is a clear, imaginative articulation of how the world will look once your purpose is being realized. This purpose, mission and vision work are never fully complete.

The purpose of Mth Degree is to create remarkable and the reason people hire us is to move people. The difference that we’re trying to make in the world starts with the lives of our client partners and their teams, and extends to delivering what’s in it for the audience through branding and marketing. Audiences don’t want just a good interaction with companies, they want to be delighted. To us, it’s all about delight—our clients and their customers.
We are at our best when we deeply understand and align with our client’s purpose. Here we together help make your customer’s world a better place. This takes courage, passion, skill, fortitude and collaborative partnerships centered on trust, mutual respect and strong communication.
Our best relationships are with trusted partnerships—and companies that have a clearly defined purpose and are courageously committed to making a difference in the world.

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