Rarity is Underrated.

Rarity is Underrated.

We, humans, come wired to connect, fit in, and belong. While belonging is essential for a healthy organizational culture and to each of us individually, it has an adverse effect when we consider our market position. Because we’re born to connect, emulating others is natural. However, following our own unique path, brand voice, and business genius often means separating from the pack. What few are willing to do can create your own “Blue Ocean” position, if you’re courageous enough to do so.

  • Rare brands take the time to listen to their customers with enough curiosity to learn and understand how they’re perceived.
  • Rare brands look beyond the data to see the humanity in the people it serves.
  • Rare organizations act as if it’s an honor to serve their customers.
  • Rare companies are thoughtful about how their employees are welcomed and on-boarded into the culture. 
  • Rare businesses dare to break their industry mold and be an innovator.
  • Rare leaders are daring enough to be vulnerable when so many eyes are on them.
  • Rare products and services are created with care and love.

Businesses can make their most significant contributions when they risk doing what a rare few will do. Rarity is underrated. Being a brand that has scarcity at its core is an act of courageous service: one that pays dividends. What a rare few are willing to do both separates us from the competition and drives us closer to the tribe where we truly belong.

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