Surprising Secrets to Profit Predictably

Surprising Secrets to Profit Predictably

As businesses, we want to make profit. We want the path to generating profits to be predictable and sustainable, so we realize them long-term and can, literally, count on it.

We need profit to not just survive, but to thrive.

Profit aggressive (bottom-line only) companies tend to pursue profit at all costs. The time, capital, natural and human resources around them suffer the consequences; struggling for survival because they’re drained to the last drop. When one resource channel is fully depleted, they move on to take advantage of more elsewhere.

There is an alternative to this milk the resources dry approach. It’s called flourishing, the state where things are rapidly developing and thriving.

Balanced (AKA Triple {or more} Bottom Line) companies — ones who play the long game (check out my friend Dorie Clark’s new book) — walk a different path. Their care and humility — the grounded connection to people, planet, and profit — enables them to see a more comprehensive view of treating resources.

I like making a profit. I love profit, especially when it comes as long-term and predictable profit.

Profit allows all businesses to do more and serve more. It’s where all innovation comes from. Profit is essential, but it’s not the only game in town.

The only way profit can be long-term and predictable is to manage our time, capital, energy, human creativity, and productivity, so these resources are not depleted, fighting for survival. Here, your business can enter the way of flourishing.

Running a business is really about being a good human; a caring steward to the people you work with and serve, and a good guardian of the resources required to run your business (the heart of my new book, The Beautiful Business). If you can embrace that, then there will be more than enough to go around.

It’s worth pointing out that there’s no such thing as an ultimate winner in the game of business. It’s a game that’s played so you can keep playing, keep serving, keep evolving, keep innovating, and, perhaps, make the world a little bit better as you play.

Get out of the depletion business, and take up the flourishing game. Predictable and sustainable profit awaits.

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