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I serve business leaders as a trusted advisor to realize desired business outcomes for brand and culture. The list of services that follows are typical for what I am hired for. This work is often customized for unique business needs, and services can be bundled as a comprehensive package. Much of this can be delivered remotely, but certain elements are more effectively done on-site.

For comprehensive listing and pricing of my services and packages, download my Brand & Culture Advisory Services PDF.

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Brand Evolution

Services below can be delivered a la carte, or as a comprehensive Brand Evolution Package.

  • Brand Perception Audit: Qualitative & quantitative research to identify brand perception; analyze; identify & craft evolved perception opportunities.
  • Market Position Audit: Qualitative & quantitative research of current market position against top 5 competitors in a single industry; create strong & defensible market position; analyze; identify ways to attract more of the right customers.
  • Brand Beliefs Matrix: Work with business leaders to identify & harvest core branded-business beliefs (purpose, persona, vision, promise); craft an actionable messaging matrix to activate the business beliefs in the culture and brand.
  • Cultural Values Audit & Creation: Analyze the actionability of current values (if any) or identify core values of the business; Cultivate values stories; craft core values in the brand vernacular; activation plan for core values into the culture as an operating system.

Brand Expression (Strategic Creative, Design & Digital):

Working with a team of world-class creative partners I direct, oversee, and ensure the strategic design of brand expression elements. This includes brand naming, brand identity, brand guidelines, marketing messaging, websites and a full suite of brand expression elements. Costs vary depending on client needs and complexity of these needs.

Culture Evolution

Services below can be delivered a la carte, or as a comprehensive Culture Evolution Package.

  • Culture Benchmark Audit: Qualitative & quantitative research to benchmark 6 key culture pillars (trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, results, and collaboration); analyze & identify culture effectiveness improvement opportunities.
  • Organizational Values Audit, Creation and Activation: Analyze the actionability of current values (if any) or identify core values of the business; Cultivate values stories; craft core values in the brand vernacular; activation plan for core values into the culture as operating system.
  • Brand-Culture Beliefs Matrix: Work with business leaders to identify and harvest core branded-business beliefs (purpose, persona, vision, promise); craft an actionable messaging matrix to activate the business beliefs in the culture & brand.
  • Leadership Principles Audit: Analyze the trust-based rules of engagement for the leadership team; Design & apply a values-centric functional model; craft an activation plan for leadership principles into the culture.

Leadership Guidance & Culture Training: (Individual Services)

  • Team & Self-Awareness Training: Build team trust through self-awareness and team-awareness; in-person or remote.
  • Leadership and Management Team Advising (Coaching): Guidance for executives, managers and managerial teams.
  • Leadership Offsites: Strategic planning and visioning, custom-designed leadership offsites.
  • Employee Prospect Journey Mapping: Evaluate & optimize the employee journey; Key stages include: discovery, attraction, vetting, on-boarding, retaining.

Business & Marketing Strategy Guidance: (Individual Services)

  • Product or Service Innovation Workshop: Evaluate and ideate new or evolved product or services offerings through this hands-on workshop (half-day or full-day); evaluate the market potential for identify products and align them within the current product or service offerings.
  • Business Threats Assessment (“Put Ourselves Out-of-Business” Workshop): Analyze the competitive threats to the business through this hands-on workshop; evaluate & devise counter-measures to protect vital business interests; prioritize actionable solutions to shore up business threats.
  • Brand Position & Lead Generation: Review & analyze your brand market position to make the service firm less replaceable; evaluate business development flow; devise an optimal system for predictable lead generation.
  • Marketing Strategy: Review & analyze current marketing strategy; evaluate strategic marketing opportunities; devise an optimal marketing strategy to attract more of the right customers.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Evaluate current customer journey (awareness, consideration, acquisition, service, loyalty); devise an optimal Customer Journey Map with steps, touchpoints, and departmental functions to attract and retain more of the right customers.
  • Advising CMO: Activate my hands-on marketing expertise as an Advising CMO on a retainer basis for 3- to 6-month intervals; Ideal for small businesses who want to elevate their marketing practices for intervention and short-term intervals.

Steve can help you create an integrated belief-driven business that can reach and align with more of the right people —employees, customers, donors and investors—in a sustainable and meaningful way.

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  • “Steve is a best-in-class advisor and consultant. We needed someone that was smart, experienced, organizationally-fluent who could work with the complexities of our teams. Steve exceeded our teams’ very high expectations. He gets business and brand, and I trust him implicitly.”

    – Joe Stinziano, President, Samsung North American
  • “We truly appreciate all of the guidance and insight you provided. Steve’s presentation to the board was pivotal for our brand’s success. You had a lot of passion for this project, and it showed in the beautiful work that you did.”

    – Wendy Grant, Director of Marketing & Communications, Fleet Science Center
  • “The impact of our work with Steve is beyond measure. Everyone seemed to double down on their commitment to our mission and vision once we’d grounded it in “Our Why,” and every staff member is 100% committed to delivering on our brand promise in every aspect of our work. We’ve even been able to increase employee engagement by working intentionally to ensure or promise of “creating experiences that transform the heart, mind, and practice” applies within our walls – this promise now drives our interactions with our partners as well as with our staff.”

    – Jennifer Tucker-Tatlow, CEO of The Academy for Professional Excellence
  • “The campaign strategy you created doubled product sales over the same quarter last year. Great job, great results!”

    – Brian Pancarik. Sr. Manager, Corporate Marketing, Sony Electronics
  • “We needed an advisor who could be smart and creative while understanding how to help us navigate a complex marketplace. Steven was that and so much more.”

    – Linda Mignone, Vice President Marketing, Bridgepoint Education
  • “Steve and his team delivered outstanding creative work in reaching fans. What impressed me more was how well the process was managed. Steve is a strong strategic partner — always thoughtful, always dependable. He is an excellent communicator and has an unflappable service mentality. I would not hesitate to work with Steve again.”

    – Dave Dresden, Director of Marketing, ESPN
  • “Over the years, my Sony team and I used the strategic services of Steve many times. He is the partner-of-choice for several mission-critical projects. His thinking and work are always focused on the brand strategy and the ultimate take-aways for the audience.”

    – Linda Vuolo, Sr. Product Manager, Sony
  • “Steve did a masterful job in strategizing and expressing the Chargers brand across all areas and developing a campaign that was unique and met with great public acceptance. His efforts have been instrumental in the success of the team.”

    – Jim Steeg, former COO, San Diego Chargers, VP of NFL Special Events (including the Super Bowl), and President of the Miami Dolphins
  • “Steve Morris is a creative visionary, marketing guru, and inspirational leader. He empowers and inspires every team member to reach their personal best and brings out the wisdom of any crowd. His centered demeanor brings calm to every project and instills the utmost confidence from stakeholders at all levels. He distills a brand promise to reach the greatest impact, leaving a lasting impression that moves people to action.”

    – Heather Back, Communications and Policy, Metro, San Diego Community Foundation
  • “The work you did in bringing civic pride into San Diego through the Padres brand is terrific. I appreciate your innovative and strategic work in bringing this to life.”

    – Tom Garfinkel, (past) President, San Diego Padres (currently CEO, Miami Dolphins)
  • “Steve has been an outstanding partner. He effectively managed all aspects of our brand development and was instrumental in working with dozens of key stakeholders to fully execute our regional initiative. Steve provided strategic leadership and creative vision that were integral in achieving our organizational goals.”

    – Anna-Marie Rooney, former VP of Marketing and External Relations, The San Diego Foundation

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