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The Inside Scoop for Student Portfolios

As part of the AIGA Studio Tour we had a group of San Diego State University students come in for a visit and Q&A session. They are currently in portfolio class and about to graduate in Graphic Design.

student portfolios

Before these students start their career, there is a lot to learn, and expectations are high. So we gave them a very rare look behind the curtain of how we approached our entire 2013 Chargers campaign, starting from our brainstorming session to final production of playoff materials.
Of course we got a lot of questions from the group about all kinds of parts of the campaign, and as we answered all of them, some key points emerged for them that will hold true for their entire career.
A successful campaign depends on a strong and clear strategy. It is the plan that informs, directs, and substantiates every single piece of the puzzle—no matter if it is a small web banner or a TV commercial. Strategy is crucial for consistency, cohesiveness, and convergence.
Our advice: Always start and end with why.

There was a little bit of a surprise reaction about the sheer complexity of a season campaign. About 65 projects get completed in several phases throughout the season. That means hundreds of deadlines, presentations, reviews, revisions and productions. It takes a well-oiled team and great communication and collaboration—internally and externally—to efficiently produce a Chargers campaign.
Our advice: Work together, and you win together.

A lot of students enter their career with a boatload of passion, ready to change the world, as it should be—and stay—that way. Not everyone though will be able to keep that fire burning. In our philosophy, it is very important that not only the client is happy, but to create win-win-win-win situations. For our team, our clients, their audiences, and our community. Only then we can really create remarkable.
Our advice: Always do work of significance.

Thank you AIGA for the opportunity!
Good luck to all of the students!
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