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The Value of Rejection

When Not Winning Wins.
Yesterday we received the news that we did not win a client we were competing for. While we made it to the finals with one other company, it was not us they chose in the end. We worked hard, thought deeply and travelled long distances to present brilliant, courageous approaches and ideas to tap the client emotionally and win this client—because that’s how you win audiences. And we were disappointed that the client went with “safe.”
Putting ourselves courageously out into the world requires us to trust that the outcome we intend may not in the end, come to fruition. Here, we must put a ferocious trust into our work, our teams and the world around us.
In the end, the outcome is not the sum of our efforts and does not define the quality or value of the work. As one of our team members put it upon hearing the news of the client’s decision “their loss.” Indeed.
Failure has a purpose. It asks us if we want to go on creating. The creator deep within us returns with a fever and vigor that is often more robust than before. While it has taken a bit reflection on my part, the near-immediate and resounding answer is “yes!” Actually, “hell, yes!” is more like it. At this juncture, when the “yes” arrives, failure and rejection set out to sea and a new energy of creative emerges.
Make it matter.

poster make it matter

In creative and business endeavors we want to put our efforts into something that makes a difference, something that has an effect. At Mth Degree we call this core value Make it Matter. At its heart this is about putting ones efforts towards something that makes a difference on the world. There’s nothing worse for a passionately creative effort that doesn’t see the light of day and create its intended effect.
But fret not. There are many opportunities out there for us makers to more aptly apply our brilliance towards—folks that deeply want to make a significant impact on their business and audiences.
I’m speaking both to our team and all creative teams out there when I say, keep creating, with heart, passion, persistence and purpose, even when rejected. You can’t win them all. And there are great client partners looking for us to apply our best work to remarkable effect.
I’ll leave the creative and business readers with this question: What would you do even though you just might fail?
Lastly, an invitation to brands and clients out there who are looking for a passionate and talented team to partner with—we’re here for you, and ready to create remarkable!
Onward with purpose!
— The talented, purposeful and passionate team at Mth Degree.

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