Where Real Value Comes From.

Where Real Value Comes From.

A real estate company has worked for years to build livable communities. Beyond the well-made buildings and great amenities, like fitness centers, resort-style pools, community events, is their care for their residents; responsive service, thoughtful communication, calling residents by their names and caring about their family, and concerned maintenance people who are swift to respond to a broken garbage disposal. These intangibles aren’t calculated on the monthly rent bill.

Value for customers isn’t about the thing itself—the apartment that’s rented, the well-crafted beer, the beautiful website. Value comes from the intangibles that make the thing useful, beneficial, and special to the people you serve.

The value of an apartment that’s rented comes from people making a home of it and a community they feel like they belong in.

The value of a well-crafted beer is the feeling of delight that people get from it and a community of people who share in that delight.

The value of a great website is the ease of use for clear and compelling information that’s thoughtfully crafted.

Creating customer value comes from the usefulness derived from the benefits of the things people buy. No one wants laundry detergent. What they’re looking for is a way to get their clothes clean and smelling fresh while being earth conscious. They buy the detergent for the feeling of cleanliness, and peace-of-mind it creates in their lives.

If you want to create valuable products or services bake-in that special something. This something-special will differentiate your products and services. Go further by creating better stories that communicate the intangibles of your product or service, so your customers realize the real value they’re really getting. Brands resonate when they fulfill a real human need, want, desire, or dream. How is your brand doing that for your customers?

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