I am the author of two books, and more than 450 published articles. My newest book, The Beautiful Business, was published in November of 2021.

All of my writing is done so to create value for your world. The themes I write on include: business strategy, brand and culture integration, work-life fusion, evolved brands, collaborative cultures, and humanized marketing.

My regular monthly column called On Brand can be found in Retail Observer and I have contributed to Forbes, Conscious Company Magazine, Business Week, Brand Week, and AdAge, among other publications.

The Beautiful Business

The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core. Published by Conscious Capitalism Press.

Now available — The Beautiful Business on Audible.

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The Evolved Brand

The Evolved Brand: Why and How to Build a Brand with Soul and Humanize Your Marketing

All business strategies — from the world’s most reputable MBA programs to Fortune 100 brands to the best business thinkers — include growth as a vital necessity for company survival. Charles Darwin noted that the abilities to adapt and collaborate are the driving forces behind the species that thrived and the difference in those who didn’t. Just as all business is a human-to-human endeavor, evolution is at the core of what it means to thrive, in business and in life.

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