You Are What You Promise

You Are What You Promise

Trust seems to be one of the rarest commodities in our culture today. It’s true in the marketplace, too.
One of the key components to a brand’s make up is your brand promise. Born from a brand purpose (the why of your company), the brand’s promise is what you can and will consistently deliver to your customers that they value. It’s what sets customer expectation.
When delivered on, over time, it can be the biggest factor in defining a brand. And, it’s the difference between sustainable sales and a one-time purchase.
A well-created promise connects to the needs, wants and desires of your customers through the avenue of shared value. If what you deliver meets their needs, you’re providing value. If what you stand for (your why) is aligned with what they believe, your values are shared.
Got brand integrity?
The consumer notices if you over-promise or come up short on what you promise, and they’ll talk about it from the mountain tops in the form of customer complaints, social media rants and taking their business elsewhere.
Brand integrity begins with not over-promising in order to make the sale. Don’t do it! The cost to regain lost customers is 10x what it cost you to get them in the first place. Not to mention the trust you lose in soured customers complaining about you in social channels.
Brands need to be clear about whether they’re just looking for a sale or a relationship with customers. The difference comes down to value and values: the value of what you’re offering the customer and the alignment of your brand’s values to theirs.
The best way to generate lasting brand loyalty (and word of mouth) is to consistently deliver on your promise throughout your company (sales, marketing, product and culture).
A useful promise is:

  • Big enough to deliver real value to customers; the perceived value exceeds the cost.
  • Relevant to the customer; it’s something they want or need.
  • One that allows customers to trust you and your entire company to deliver on it; you’ve provided them reasons to believe.

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