International Women's Day

You Go, Girl!

International Women's Day

While I greatly appreciate the intention of International Women’s Day on March 8th and love the support it receives worldwide from inspiring women; in my world, I believe everyday is Women’s Day, especially at Mth Degree. Here are a few of my active core pillars that I have gained through experience, amazing mentors and awe-inspiring friends, and I’m thrilled we girls live them everyday here at Mth Degree.

  • Evolving – I wholeheartedly believe in lifelong learning, personally and professionally. Over the past 3 years, I’ve taken or am currently taking HTML 5 coding classes, app development classes, Italian language classes, surf lessons, ukulele lessons, yoga classes and tennis lessons, to name a few. The women at Mth Degree also share my passion for evolving. Kirby Garcia is getting her Masters in Accounting, Joy Stiff is headed to the Y Conference to hone her talent, Juliana Tipton is always looking to improve her craft through reading, technical tutorials and art projects and Tracy Piner is taking Spanish lessons.
  • Giving back to the Community – Having a purpose in my life and my work has always been non-negotiable for me. During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with courageous not-for-profit organizations that have made an impact in the community and the world. I currently sit on the Board of Directors for Include Autism, who is a beacon in the lives of many families. The dynamic women here at Mth Degree also volunteer in their professional and personal lives. Kim Ochylski is a Girls on the Run mentor, Cynthia Cota volunteers at her daughter’s charter school, Paige Walters coaches the water polo team at Coronado High School and Katie Outlaw is active with many organizations through her Church.
  • Supporting – Uplifting and supporting our fellow sisters, personally and professionally, is why we should celebrate each other today and everyday. There should be no competition. We can only move up the ladder and win financially if we support and mentor our friends, co-workers and peers to overcome any obstacle. The women at Mth Degree, Tracy, Cynthia, Katie, Kim, Joy, Kirby, Paige and Juliana are a part of my sister tribe and we lean on each other through the good and the chaotic times. Everyday we laugh together, vent together, exercise together, eat together and cheer together!

There are no barriers; there are only opportunities, which we can accomplish with a little help from a sister-friend.

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