“There’s nothing more powerful than a united group of souls ignited in a common cause with love at the core.”

– Steven Morris

At its heart, business is a human-to-human venture. Much of what people do, they do unconsciously. People make decisions with their head but act with their heart. This is true for leaders, employees, investors, and customers.

What stops businesses from succeeding isn’t great ideas, it’s the ability to build integrated brands that create loyalty, belonging, and trust—inside and out. The world’s most successful brands stand on their own beliefs, which attracts a loyal following and a team that’s connected, collaborative, and innovative.

I’m Steven Morris, brand and culture advisor, author, and speaker. I partner with business leaders to mine, articulate, and activate their unique belief system to create organizational integrity, connected cultures, and evolved brands.

Over my 25 years in business I’ve worked with more than 3,000 business leaders at 250+ global and regional companies, helping them build trusted and vital brands, so they spend less time chasing customers and more time earning the trust of the people that matter most. They have gone on to create more integrated businesses, connected teams, and loyal customers as a result.

Steven Morris Headshot

Steve’s Background

In 1994, I launched my brand strategy and marketing agency Mth Degree, which I built, ran, and grew for 23 years. My firm served global and national clients that include Sony, Habitat for Humanity, the NFL and MLB, Samsung, Disney, and Amazon. In 2017, I sold my marketing services business so I could fully focus on serving client partners through my brand evolution process. This time-tested process has been applied and refined to more than 120 successful brands.

My background includes earning an MFA in Design from Temple University, Tyler School of Art and undergraduate degrees in fine art, psychology and philosophy.

I’ve been a student of human behavior, positive psychology, and spiritual psychology for the better part of 30 years. I’m especially focused on the thinking of Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell. As well, I use the tools of the artistic process, that I learned, taught, and still apply as a painter, into my work in leadership circles. I leverage all aspects of my diverse background to help organizations activate the intrinsic motivations of their people, so that they can be more wholeheartedly engaged, innovative, and fulfilled in their work.

As well, I’ve had the honor to work with the poet-philosopher David Whyte and his talented faculty in the Invitas program on Conversational Leadership.

I have taught and lectured at a wide variety of universities across the US, including San Diego State University, Temple University, UCSD, and Medill at Northwestern University.

I have spoken about The Beautiful Business at TEDx, on Cultivating Curiosity at Creative Mornings, and events that range from CES, HOW Design Live, AIGA events, Social Venture Network and various conferences and in-house events. I regularly give talks on topics that include “Brand & Belonging,” “Cultivating Curiosity,” “Values-Based Stories,” and “The Beautiful Business.”

I advise, consult with and speak to Fortune 500 and privately held companies, entrepreneurs, leaders and communities around the world, helping them to build trusted brands and connection so they can build the future they envision.