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Brands don’t usually struggle or fail because their products or services aren’t valuable. Rather, they become stagnant because they haven’t activated team alignment or they’re not reaching enough of the right people in the right ways, usually in these key areas:

Brand Evolution

so the activated beliefs inside your organization are brought to life through how the world experiences your company. Steve’s time-tested Brand Evolution Program is his pinnacle and comprehensive service.

This time-tested program has been created, refined and applied to more than 120 successful brands over the past 17 years.

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Leadership Alignment

including defining and activating the core beliefs of the organizational leaders, so you’re all leading, growing and headed in the same direction, in a united fashion.

Team Alignment

including activating the organizational beliefs or core values so you have an engaged team and attract more of the right team members that creates organizational integrity. This is typically part of your company’s employee engagement and retention strategies, as well as journey-pathing to attract more of the right employee prospects.

Marketing Strategy

that’s aligned with how your customers experience and journey through your products and services, are all tethered and activated to your explicit, measurable and valuable brand promise.

Leadership Guidance

as your brand and business has evolved how do you increase its impact and momentum? How do you engage your leadership and team more deeply? One-on-one on-going guidance and team leadership offsites and retreats helps to maintain, elevate and activate evolving priorities.

Innovation Guidance

led by a trusted advisor can help to discover new product opportunities, customer service approaches, or brand extensions.

Training and Workshops

that focus on one-off topics including team engagement, cultural trust creation, reputation management, innovation and brand expansion strategies. See examples of Workshops.

Steve can help you create an integrated belief-driven business that can reach and align with more of the right people —employees, customers, donors and investors—in a sustainable and meaningful way.

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