I typically find myself on stages giving talks and running workshops 5-7 times per month. I regularly give talks on topics related to brand, culture, marketing and leadership. I’ve been a guest on more than 100 podcasts and have spoken to groups that range from 20 executives to 2,000 people at conferences, in-house events and leadership offsites.

I have spoken about The Beautiful Business at TEDx, on Cultivating Curiosity at Creative Mornings, and events that range from CES, HOW Design Live, AIGA events, Social Venture Network, along with more than 100 talks at corporate and in-house events.

Topics for Talks

Brand & Belonging

The intersection of humanizing the business culture with the driving force behind the human connectedness; how humans are wired to connect and belong, and how that feeds both the brand and the culture; building a culture of belonging, not just fitting in; the creation of customer experience that builds connection and loyalty.

What people learn:

  • Know how and why to tether you brand and your culture to clarify your teams unified direction.
  • Understand how a brand and culture are inextricably connected.
  • Understand why belonging is a core human trait and without we don’t thrive as teams or individuals.
  • Learn how, by building a culture of belonging, you can attract and keep more of the right people for your team.

Pairs well with:

Core Values Story Mining Workshop; Belonging Through Stories Workshop; Brand Beliefs and Messaging Workshops.

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Cultivating Curiosity

How to cultivate more curiosity in leadership and team innovation; the role curiosity plays in leadership, innovation and an integrated life; the value and power of cultivating more curiosity in your life.

What people learn:

  • Understand the value of curiosity in personal and organizational life
  • Understand how curiosity strengthens your leadership abilities
  • Establish and deepen the professional noticing within your teams
  • Increase your organizations’ innovation through curiosity.
  • Ensure others know how to lean into curiosity-driven conversations.

Pairs well with:

Curiosity Innovation Workshop; Cultural Curiosity Workshop; Personal Artistry through Curiosity Workshop; The Curious Leader Workshop.

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Building a Values-Based
Story Culture

How to activate your core values through stories; ways to create living core values through organizational stories; identifying, capturing and bringing core values to life; how cultivating stories from core values drives consistent behavior, exceptional customer experience, and organizational excellence.

What people learn:

  • Learn why stories are important to organizational life, culture and strategy.
  • Understand how to mine and capture organizational stories to amplify and reinforce the right actions within a culture.
  • Learn how to use stories as a driving attribute to brand communication and customer service.
  • Learn how to turn everyone in the organization into a storyteller.

Pairs well with:

Core Values Story Mining Workshop and Core Value Creation Workshop.

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The Beautiful Business

How and why to transition businesses from “transaction to transcendence”; the antidote to chaos in business management and leadership; using the Japanese principles of beauty to create order, symmetry, and harmony in businesses big and small.

What people learn:

  • Understand how beauty can be a driving attribute to any organization.
  • Learn why beauty matters to a business, a culture and a brand.
  • Learn how to discover and utilize your own unique version of beauty in your culture and brand.
  • Understand why beauty has its own gravity and it can be used to attract the right customers and employees.

Pairs well with:

Belonging Through Stories Workshop; Working with Harmony Workshop; Tools for Magnetism Workshop.

The Studio:

In addition, I team up with two partner-artists in a venture called The Studio. Where we lead workshops and retreats, like Self Portrait, where we lead artistry experiences for leaders, teams and groups.

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Topics for Workshops

Brand Personality and Archetype Workshop

Based on the seminal works of Carl Jung who mapped core human archetypes from cultures around the world, this workshop creates the primal archetype for your brand to embody and represent. When your team is aligned in the stance it takes in the world, the world sees your organization as a unified experience. Through this interactive workshop, participants engage with a time-tested process to create and activate the core archetype for your organization. This workshop is designed to:

  • Mine, from Jungian archetypes, the ones that exist in your team.
  • Design a unique branded-business archetype that is ownable.
  • Activate the defined archetype so your whole team can embody it throughout your organization.

Brand Beliefs and Messaging Workshops

This is a series of workshops that build upon one another to mine and capture the core beliefs of your organization. These workshops include: Brand Purpose, Brand Promise, Brand Vision workshops. Each individual workshop has unique outcomes which build on the next. The culmination of these workshops create a messaging matrix frame work for your brand. This workshop is created to:

  • Explore the beliefs that matter most to your business.
  • Build belief-based bridges between your business goals and your brand.
  • Cultivate the beliefs that brings your branded business to life.
  • Activate the beliefs within your culture and brand so your business builds trust.

Creating Living Brand Values

Core values are the operating system to a culture and a team. They attract people who share those values and they put the spotlight on the behaviors that an organization what’s to champion. This workshop dives into mining and capturing the core values that bond your team’s behaviors that shape a culture, align teams and deliver integrity to customers. This workshop is created to:

  • Mine the values that matter most to your team.
  • Activate the values through stories and other methods so your values are lived, and not just hanging on a wall
  • Represent your values so your culture becomes a unified driving force for your business.

Brand-Culture Story Mining Workshop

Our stories connect us in a common bond that builds belonging in organizations and reinforces core value behaviors that the organization wants to activate and amplify. This workshop explores the stories that unite and activate your team so you can capture a repository of stories that are told time and time again, to reinforce the values in your culture. This workshop is designed to:

  • Explore the existing stories that matter most within your culture.
  • Capture these stories so they are aligned with your value-based operating system.
  • Create a story repository for your team to lean into in order to have your values understood and represented throughout your team.
  • Amplify the stories that matter most so your culture celebrates your values, heritage and history.

Achieving Brand Alignment Workshop

A great brand, once created, needs to be nurtured and lived consistently amongst your team, and elsewhere. Brining your team on the same page about your brand is the best way for them to understand, embody and represent it consistently. When this is done your brand builds clarity and your people—inside and out—trust your brand. This workshop can be part of your brand launch sequence or can be employed for aligned amplification of your brand. This workshop is designed to:

  • Identify the brand and culture artifacts that matter most to your team.
  • Create a brand artifact and ritual system so the brand is understood by your culture.
  • Cultivate team alignment in expressing and representing your brand.
  • Achieve belief-based brand team alignment in your brand expression.

Leadership Alignment Offsites and Workshops

Getting the team out of the office to reorient the future trajectory of the company and celebrate its achievements is essential for leadership team clarity, energy and focus. From custom workshops that address specific leadership team needs, to leveraging workshops previously orchestrated, these workshops can be design, customized and employed to:

  • Clarify the future trajectory of organizational goals so the leadership team is all on the same page.
  • Define and prioritize strategic initiatives so the leadership team is aligned in achieveing them.
  • Identify company strategic strengths and weaknesses to ensure the right organizational priorities.
  • Celebrate team successes in order to infuse more wholeheartedness in your work and life.
  • Cultivate evolved leadership habits that gets the team out of operational ruts.
  • Infuse more aligned energy and purpose across the leadership team.

Building Team Belonging

When organizations have a culture of belonging, they have a sense of unity that pulls together to get your important work done with excellence. Building harmony on the team is done by integrating belonging. This workshop fuses teams closer together and works to remedy silos and disengagement. This workshop is created to:

  • Explore and remove the obstacles that are inhibiting team engagement. 
  • Honing smoother paths of team engagement and communication.
  • Unify the team so your people have a deeper sense of connection and engagement.

Improving High Stakes & Difficult Conversations

Some of the biggest obstacles for team disengagement is their inability to effectively communicate when stakes are high. It is precisely at those times when communication is most vital to achieving your goals that it breaks down most dramatically. This workshop is created to:

  • Explore and evaluate triggers for the conversations that leads to confrontation. 
  • Training and tools to help individuals effectively navigate high stakes conversations.
  • Hands-on practices that lead to healthier and more productive conversations.
  • Unify the team so your people have better tools to respectfully communicate when the pressure is on.

Audience Journey Mapping

Knowing who your customers are and understanding their journey is imperative to creating relationships with them. From consumers, to employee prospect and attraction, to attracting more of the right businesses all businesses need to be experts at creating magnetism to their offerings, in their own unique way. Journey mapping is a tool that creates clarity for how, where and when to attract more of the right people. This workshop is designed to:

  • Identify key customer or prospect personas so we understand their drivers, wants and needs.
  • Distill and prioritize your top audience personas with unique drivers for each.
  • Map both the current state journey and the ideal audience journey so your team can attract more of the right people, for the right reasons. 

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The above workshops are just a sampling of some of the workshops and trainings Steve delivers. For a complete list, download the Workshop Kit

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