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“Unique and unexpected.” 

“Deep shifts happened for all of us. It was surprisingly powerful.” 

“Real. Very real. No hype, just grounded goodness. This was nourishing, like the perfect amount of a healthy meal.”  

Steven Morris leads experiences that open new ways of thinking, being, and doing. He stimulates the vision necessary to see solutions, solving issues that slow growth, and guides participants into joyously co-creating a new level of harmony and insight.   

His work infuses leaders, team members, and stakeholders at every level with an authentic sense of possibilities for their company and themselves. 

Topics for Talks

Craft Your Unignorable Business: The Art of the Beautiful Business

In a world where the tangible fades and experiences shine, creating a Beautiful Business isn’t just an option—it’s the secret to standing out. It’s not about what you sell; it’s how you make people feel. From the rush of buying your dream car to the simplicity of choosing pasta sauce, it’s the experience that counts.

Steven Morris takes you on a journey beyond transactions, into the realm of transformational experiences. Through compelling case studies and undeniable data, discover the strategies of Beautiful Businesses and how to infuse your company with an irresistible allure.

What You Will Discover:

  • Transitioning from a thing-based to an experience-based society: the new economic value.
  • The triple helix of experience: How Employee Experience (EX) + Customer Service (CX) = Business Experience (BX).
  • The power of brand-culture integrity: building from the inside out.
  • The magnetism of business beauty: attracting the right tribe.
  • The role of beauty in an organization: more than aesthetics, a fundamental driver.

Join Steven Morris and redefine what it means to be a business today. Embrace the beauty in your business and become unignorable.

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Attract Like Never Before: Dive Into Organizational Magnetism

In a world where each of us faces an avalanche of over 7,000 ads every day, standing out isn’t just challenging—it’s crucial. The secret? Organizational Magnetism. It’s not just about attracting attention. It’s about drawing the right people, for the right reasons, exactly when they’re needed most.

Imagine a realm where customers don’t just buy, but believe in your brand, advocating with passion. Picture a place where the brightest talents don’t just submit their resumes; they come eager to amplify your mission, infused with an energy that’s palpable.

This is the power of Organizational Magnetism: an invisible, yet undeniable force that binds and builds, creating connections that aren’t just deep—they’re unbreakable.

Steven Morris, a maestro of brand and culture, unveils the secrets to harnessing this power. Through a captivating, experiential journey, he’ll share:

  • The art of aligning your brand and culture to magnetize the right audience.
  • The strategy behind hiring for values, and why it’s a game-changer.
  • Crafting comfort and connection through familiarity and shared values.
  • The magic of sensory allure to enchant and engage.
  • The blueprint for harmony between your team and customers.
  • Shaping marketing messages that resonate, ensuring what’s promised matches what’s experienced.
  • Tapping into your organization’s unseen, energetic potential.

Prepare to transform the way you attract. Welcome to the era of Organizational Magnetism.

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Shaping a Beautiful Culture: Leading Beyond the Bottom Line

In an era thirsting for authenticity and a deeper sense of connection, Steven Morris emerges as a fresh and visionary voice, steering leaders toward the creation of workplaces that resonate with purpose, flourish with growth, and celebrate the human spirit. This journey isn’t just about evolving business practices; it’s a profound shift towards creating and nurturing workplaces where people flourish, and the business thrives with sustainability.

Get ready to:

  • Transform your company’s mission from a statement to the heartbeat of every action.
  • Foster a workplace culture where continuous learning sparks innovation and creativity at all levels.
  • Implement true empowerment by valuing every voice and making decisions collaboratively.
  • Strengthen your team by cultivating genuine connections through meaningful interactions.
  • Elevate your business by making recognition a daily practice that celebrates and motivates.

Steven Morris’s presentation goes beyond the surface, offering a deep dive into creating organizations that not only lead in their markets but also in cultivating environments where employees are empowered, connected, and aligned with a shared purpose.

Why Invite Steven Morris?

For leaders and entrepreneurs poised to redefine the essence of work, Steven’s insights offer a blueprint for building not just a more successful business but a more fulfilling work life for everyone involved. With practical tools and transformative concepts, he invites you to reimagine leadership for a world craving meaning and connection.

Transform your organization, inspire your team, and lead with purpose. Discover the power of meaningful workplaces with Steven Morris.

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Power of Everyday Creativity

Forget the myth that innovation is locked away in secret labs and reserved for the elite. Innovation is everywhere, and it’s for everyone. It’s the spark in the everyday, the magic in the mundane, and it starts with two things: courage and generosity.

We’re all wired to create, to solve, to make better. Yet, too often, our natural creativity is boxed in by fear and conformity. It’s time to break free. Everyday innovation isn’t just about big leaps; it’s about the small steps we take, the problems we solve on the fly, the generosity we show to those around us.

Steven Morris invites you to an engaging journey into the heart of everyday innovation. Discover how small acts of creativity can redefine your role, shake up the status quo, and cultivate a culture where innovation thrives.

Get ready to:

  • Solve problems big and small with a proven, everyday approach.
  • Overcome the barriers of fear and judgment.
  • Cultivate the superpower of creativity and innovation: CURIOSITY!
  • Learn the mindsets and tools from the world’s most relentless innovators.
  • Tackle daily challenges with courage and generosity.

Steven, a master storyteller and innovator, will share the keys to unlocking this transformative power within your team and organization. This isn’t just about business strategy or product design; it’s about sparking a revolution in how we think, work, and interact.

Dive into the heart of innovation with us. It’s time to see how everyday acts of creativity can propel us all toward a brighter, bolder future. Join the movement of everyday innovation and watch your path unfold in ways you never imagined.

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Topics for Workshops

Brand Beliefs & Messaging Workshops

This is a series of workshops that build upon one another to mine and capture the core beliefs of your organization. These workshops include: Brand Purpose, Brand Promise, Brand Vision workshops. Each individual workshop has unique outcomes which build on the next. The culmination of these workshops creates a messaging matrix framework for your brand. This workshop is created to:

  • Explore the beliefs that matter most to your business.
  • Build belief-based bridges between your business goals and your brand.
  • Cultivate the beliefs that brings your branded business to life.
  • Activate the beliefs within your culture and brand so your business builds trust.

Cultivating Actionable Brand Values

Core values are the operating system to a culture and a team. They attract people who share those values and they put the spotlight on the behaviors that an organization what’s to champion. This workshop dives into mining and capturing the core values that bond your team’s behaviors that shape a culture, align teams and deliver integrity to customers. This workshop is created to:

  • Mine the values that matter most to your team.
  • Activate the values through stories and other methods so your values are lived, and not just hanging on a wall
  • Represent your values so your culture becomes a unified driving force for your business.

Strategic Vision Shaping & Activation

The “Strategic Vision Shaping and Activation” workshop is an intensive, interactive experience designed to empower leadership teams to not only craft a compelling strategic vision but also ensure its successful implementation. This workshop combines the art of storytelling with the principles of agile thinking and the development of sustainable team practices to create a robust framework for realizing strategic goals.

  • A Refined Strategic Vision: A clear, compelling vision for the future, articulated in a way that resonates deeply with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Storytelling Mastery: Enhanced skills in storytelling, enabling leaders to effectively communicate their vision, motivate their teams, and engage their audience with inspiring narratives.
  • Agility in Strategy: A solid understanding of agile principles and how to apply them to strategic planning and execution, ensuring the organization can swiftly adapt to changes and seize opportunities.

Synergy Studio

The Synergy Studio is a dynamic and interactive program and workshop series tailored for teams facing crucial turning points or seeking to elevate their collaboration to the next level. This workshop is designed to synchronize team members’ mindsets and activate their collective potential, ensuring optimal performance and outcomes. By focusing on key areas such as communication, shared goals, and creative problem-solving, the workshop aims to foster a cohesive and energized team environment.

Upon completion of the Synergy Studio Workshop, teams will achieve:

  • Aligned Mindsets: Members will possess a unified understanding and approach towards their collective goals and challenges, ensuring all efforts are harmoniously directed.
  • Enhanced Communication: Teams will learn and apply advanced communication techniques, significantly improving clarity, understanding, and effectiveness in their interactions.
  • Activated Collective Potential: With newfound collaboration strategies and problem-solving methods, the team’s collective capabilities will be fully engaged, driving innovation and performance.
  • Strengthened Cohesion: A more tightly-knit team dynamic, characterized by mutual respect and shared enthusiasm for achieving common objectives.

Business Strategy Retreats

Getting the team out of the office to reorient the future trajectory of the company and celebrate its achievements is essential for leadership team clarity, energy and focus. From custom workshops that address specific leadership team needs to leveraging workshops previously orchestrated, these workshops can be designed, customized, and applied to:

  • Clarify the future trajectory of organizational goals so the leadership team is all on the same page.
  • Define and prioritize strategic initiatives so the leadership team is aligned in achieving them.
  • Identify company strategic strengths and weaknesses to ensure the right organizational priorities.
  • Celebrate team successes in order to infuse more wholeheartedness in your work and life.
  • Cultivate evolved leadership habits that gets the team out of operational ruts.
  • Infuse more aligned energy and purpose across the leadership team.

Put Ourselves Out of Business Workshop

Adopts a provocative and introspective approach. It challenges participants to think critically about our own organization as if we were their most formidable competitor. This immersive, strategic session is designed to unearth potential vulnerabilities, blind spots, and areas for innovation within your organization by challenging assumptions, scrutinizing strengths and weaknesses, and reimagining market position through the eyes of an outsider looking to disrupt.

Outcome: At the conclusion of the workshop will have crafted a comprehensive Competitive Resilience Blueprint.

This actionable document will serve as a strategic guide, outlining specific initiatives and projects aimed at shoring up vulnerabilities, exploiting new market opportunities, and implementing innovative practices that emerged during the workshop. It will outline prioritized actions, timelines, and responsible parties to ensure that insights translate into tangible improvements and strategic pivots.

This blueprint will act as a roadmap for enhancing competitive resilience, ensuring the organization not only survives but thrives in the face of industry disruptions and competitive challenges.

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The above workshops are just a sampling of some of the workshops and training Steven delivers. For a complete list, download the Workshop Kit

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