The Beautiful Business:

An actionable manifesto to create an unignorable business with love at the core.

The Beautiful Business is a must-read manifesto for 21st century business leaders.”

— Gay Hendricks, best-selling author of The Big Leap and The Genius Zone

Behind the book

Author and strategist Steven Morris has spent 25+ years working side-by-side with some of the world’s greatest leaders for brands including Amazon, Habitat for Humanity, and Disney. Inside the book, he has mapped out what the most successful leaders do to create an unignorable business with sustainable success. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Trust is the social currency of all businesses.
    Without trust, your culture won’t experience engagement, inclusion, or belonging and your customers won’t be loyal. If you want an extraordinary company, you must know how to continually earn trust through your culture and brand.
  • Evolved leadership is the threshold to sustainable growth.
    For a business to grow, its leaders must evolve. Most often this requires personal growth on the leadership team, for the business to realize its potential. Building a people-first habit on your team creates trusted relationships.
  • Business artistry is what separates good from great companies.
    We see business artistry from great brands including Patagonia, Apple, and Nike. When a leadership team approaches their business with a creative and innovative mindset, barriers to growth are removed and the business can define its own future.

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Praise for The Beautiful Business

What you’ll learn

For years, business leaders within the world’s greatest companies have taken a unique approach to building companies that have admired brands, healthy cultures, and measured success in a variety of metrics. These “business artists” include brands like Patagonia, Apple and Southwest. In this book, author and brand and culture building expert Steven Morris breaks down how to see and build your business as an unignorable and sustainable force.

  • How to create integrity between your brand, culture, and business strategy.
  • How to create an organization that has belonging, inclusion, and magnetism.
  • How to play the long game in business that serves all people involved — employees, customers, partners, and community.

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