Evolving Your Brand Webinar

Evolving Your Brand Webinar

In this webinar Steven Morris, President of Mth Degree outlined the benefits of an evolved brand and cover the five commitments of evolved brands for nearly 100 brands across the country. He discussed the foundation that creates loyal and lasting customers, deepens your “brand scarcity” and elevates your brand above the competition.
Evolved brands are brands that operate with a clear and valuable purpose at its center and a potent promise to its customers. But that’s just the start. These are the brands moving the world forward, leading the charge for business as a force for good, and a valuable benefit in the lives of their customers.
To enhance your brand value, your brand needs to evolve in a meaningful way, based on business strategies and customer values. In this ever-changing and increasingly complex world, brands need new approaches to create meaningful customer relationships.
Over our 23 years in business, we’ve had the honor to work with and evolve over 200 brands. And, we’re happy to share our insight and lessons from some of the world’s most loved brands. The thinking, approach, and principles in this webinar will be detailed in Steven Morris’ upcoming book The Evolved Brand, which establishes the new set of commitments brands need to create lasting, loyal customer relationships and brand evolution to amplify value.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business. — Steve Forbes

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