Leadership, Now.

Leadership, Now.

The challenge and uncertainty of these times affect us psychologically. We all feel the foundation shifting beneath us.

As Abraham Maslow noted, some of our most basic needs are safety: biological and psychological. The body and the mind, (and the heart and soul, too), all need to be taken care of. When these needs aren’t met, all others—belonging, love, esteem, and self-actualizing—take a back seat. When our basic needs aren’t met we don’t have the feeling of firm ground beneath us, we can get caught up in fearful modes. 

We can be perfectly safe, but not feel safe. Safety is an attainable state even in the face of uncertainty. 

Here’s the thing, you’ve been training for this for some time now. The best of leaders show up with a steady hand on the helm, nerves of carbon-fiber, and the comforting words that give faith, hope, and trust. I know you’re ready for this. While fear is as contagious as any virus, so is kindness and courage. 

That’s the challenge you face today, and likely tomorrow, too: To lead with empathy, courage, and kindness for the people who look to you. 

You can make things better by taking the initiative to make it better for others. 

Right now is the single best time to initiate your leadership.

Take the helm.
Help others.
Give confidence.
Share support.
Offer kindness.
Employ empathy.
Be generous with your heart.
Tap the wisdom of your experience.

And, take care of yourself in the meantime. 

Generations of fore-families have come before us to face times like this and more. Your lineage, your training, your practice, and your hard work have all prepared you for this. 

Now’s the time to remind yourself that you are able for the challenge. We need you now, as much as ever.

You’ve got this.

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