Nicolas Petit / Beautiful Business Podcast

Nicolas Petit / Beautiful Business Podcast

GSK Culture with Nicolas Petit

 “It takes courage to let go. As leaders, we tend to want to be in control because we’re afraid of the consequences it may have on us but if you let go, magic happens. You need to have the courage to show your own vulnerabilities, close your eyes and enjoy the show.”

—  Nicolas Petit

In this episode, Steven Morris and Nicolas Petit discuss:

  • The engine of corporate culture
  • Movement: bringing humanity to the workplace
  • Taking advantage of organizational network analysis
  • The hidden strength of weak ties

Key Takeaways:

  • Corporate culture transforms all according to what behaviors and stories are spread from peer-to-peer. 
  • Let your mission be more than just following orders, achieving something or getting results, let your mission be all about changing people’s lives. 
  • Recognize who are the nodes, the periphery, and the brokers. Pay attention especially to the brokers for their existence as an intermediary between subgroups promotes innovation and encourages connection. 
  • In music, harmony isn’t when everybody’s singing the same note – but when everybody’s singing different notes, coming from different perspectives but aligned to the same key. 
  • Weak ties are better than strong ties for encouraging innovative thinking. We must prioritize bringing back the weak ties aspect in the virtual workplace in order for the organization and its members to benefit from it.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

How Good Ideas Spread by Sandy Pentland: 

My Two Podcast Questions:

How would you describe a “beautiful business?” And, is there an example of a beautiful business you know or have worked with?

“So for me, the beautiful business is where the energy is the highest, and I’m talking all sorts of energy. There’s physical energy that people will notice, but there’s also emotional energy. How people can be themselves, how it’s okay to show your emotions. I’m talking about mental energy. Leaving room for creativity, for real focus. Meaning, priorities, and letting go of things that are less important.”

— Nicolas Petit

Nico’s choice for a Beautiful Business: Teal Around the World

“I’m involved in several communities around the world. One of them is the teal around the world community Which is looking at different ways of organizing yourself and how you can build a business on people rather than solely on profits and figures. And in those worlds there are a number of always the same companies that are being mentioned that are companies that I think managed to get alignment on, those four energies, at least at a moment in time in their journey.”

— Nicolas Petit

What “Non-Business Book for Business Leaders” would you recommend?

Social Physics

by Alex Pentland

Description from Amazon: From one of the world’s leading data scientists, a landmark tour of the new science of idea flow, offering revolutionary insights into the mysteries of collective intelligence and social influence.

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