The Change We Seek to Make

The Change We Seek to Make

One of the issues with entrepreneurship is that it is self-anointing. The barrier to entry is as easy as saying, “I’m an entrepreneur.”

The reality is that true entrepreneurship is a rare and valuable thing. Good leaders recognize that it’s not about them. Rather it’s about a collection of people with shared values setting out to accomplish something greater than an individual on their own can do. As such, true entrepreneurship is a communal function that serves a greater good.

It’s vital to understand that business isn’t about the leader or the entrepreneur in a capitalist society. It’s about providing real value to a clear set of somebodies that we call customers.

Making the world a better place is the pinnacle of our profession. If we’re not in it to create positive change, then we’re aiming too low and for a short-sighted target. 

The role of the entrepreneur, the role of leadership, the role of the artist, the role of communicators, and the role of active citizens are essentially the same. The work is to find ways to minimize our sense of separation, to encourage generosity, to cultivate commonality, and to make the world a better place.

Quite often, the people that are most active in our societies are the people who live with a generous spirit for the good of many. Making meaningful things makes you different. Making things for others to benefit from makes you a leader, an entrepreneur, and a living artist.

Go forth, do great things to make the world a better place. Pick a purpose worth the hard work it will take to achieve it. As leaders, we can use our position of power to cultivate the greatest potential within each of us individually, and collectively.

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