Why Choose You?

Why Choose You?

“Why choose you?” This question was posed to me when an organization was considering me for an evolution program.

At first, the question surprised me because I thought I had already done a sufficient job in articulating what I do and how my work is unique in my work. Evidently not.  

The more I thought about it, the more I realized there are learnings for any business in this story. 

This seemingly simple question is one that we are sometimes reluctant to answer: Why You?  

We sometimes walk around with the “curse of knowledge” — the assumption that most people around us know what we know. The antidote to suspending this assumption is empathy. By walking a mile in your prospects’ shoes, you’ll become clearer about what the world needs from you and why it needs what you can provide. 

The question of “why you?” is always asked, even if subconsciously, by any prospect that’s considering your brand. If you don’t answer it, your prospect will likely move on to a comparable offering that does provide a sufficient answer.  

When this client asked this question, I started wondering, “if this company is asking, I wonder if you the reader, might be wondering, too.” 

Restating their question in full: “Why should we pick you; and what sets you apart from the rest?” 

Here’s my response to them, which might be relevant to you.  

“Thanks for your note and your questions. I’ll do my best to respond based on what I know.  

Why pick me as your partner in this brand evolution?

You should pick me only if

…you want a seasoned brand and culture strategy expert who’s lead more than 250 companies, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small regional businesses, through evolution programs.

…you desire an evolved brand that acts as a beacon to attract more of the right audiences.

…you want a trusted guide to lead you with generosity, creativity, and strategically every step of our journey to building a world-class brand.

…you wish for a partner who works closely with team stakeholders to tether your brand and culture to realize your business goals.

…you desire to have a beautiful business that becomes unignorable to your audiences and create belonging for your team.

…you are interested in an expert who works to evolve brands through a “united group of souls ignited with a common cause with love at the core.” 

What sets me apart from the rest? 

Since I don’t know who else you’re considering, answering this is not so simple. Rather than speak for myself, I’ll let some of my client partners speak for me through these testimonials

I realize how important this work is for you and your business. Ultimately, I trust that you’ll make the right decision to invest in a partnership that evolves your business and brand to the next level.”  

You may have noticed that my answer was primarily a statement of my experience, purpose, and values in the work that I do — and how this would be valuable to them.  

When you pause to consider the question and ensure that you’ve answered it, you become clearer about how to answer it. Do this, and you begin to shape the narrative that answers that question before it’s asked.

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