Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

“Fighting” may not be the exact right word, but it’s the word our society tends to utilize when we think about owning our stance in the marketplace. 

Considering the word, it begs for a more precise definition and further consideration. So, what is “fighting”? And, what is worth fighting for?

“Fighting” is taking a stand for your principles and the greater good of the collective long-game. Your business will not succeed simply by getting clear about your purpose, but rather by doing the day-in and day-out work, with loving hands, to stride toward your vision of success. This is why having both an actionable purpose and a clear vision matters.

We tend to put the spotlight on people who make principled decisions when the stakes are high. We admire them for their character and convictions. I suspect you do this, too. 

Of course, it depends on how you define “success”. If success looks like someone else’s image, say a celebrity, a unicorn business, or “influencer,” you might be aiming too low or in the wrong direction. 

But, if an integrity-ridden, world-changing goal defines “success”—something that moves the world forward or improves humanity—it’s likely worth fighting for. 

So, then, what would you choose to take a stand for and against? How do you make your principled decisions when the stakes are high?

The long-game, where all the best business strategies reside, is a game of “wins” one step at a time. To me, this is worth fighting for.

I’m fighting for you and with you—the business leader who’s standing by your convictions and striving day-by-day to make the world a better place as you define it.

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