A free toolkit to celebrate your past year and cultivate clarity on the year ahead.

What is there to celebrate in the past year? What experiences would you like to cultivate in the coming year?

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

Free Year End Practice Toolkit

Each year I take time to reflect and rediscover the year that’s passing. I’ve practiced some reflection and planning ritual since 1999 and keep refining my approach and process. As well, since 2015 my wife Chris and I run a year-end retreat at her yoga studio entitled Consciously Creating Your New Year.

The approaches and practices within this toolkit come from a variety of inspired sources, but especially my practice and experimentation, and the inspiration, teachings of friends, and colleagues.

Pulling from these practices over the year, I’ve laid out the following practice and related questions that invite folks (that’s you) to look back at your year and look forward to your coming year for clarity of intention setting.

Being deliberate about this approach can form insight, awareness, awaking, offerings, and clarity for how your life is speaking to you now and how you would like to live the gift of life going forward.

Planning your year is a valuable habit.

It can help you become more aware of and celebrate your successes, understand your sorrows, and help you realize how much can happen just in a year. By learning from the past you can plan your future in a way that you don’t repeat the same patterns and feel more in control of your own life and business.

This booklet will help you assess the past year and plan the year ahead of you. Feel free to share this with any and all who you think would benefit from it.

Year End Toolkit

  • Would you like to be more clear on what you accomplished this year?
  • Are you ready to celebrate those achievements?
  • Are you ready to let go of what’s no longer serving you?
  • Would you like to get clear about the type of experiences you want to cultivate in the coming year?
  • Do you know which direction your heart and soul want to go into next year?
  • Do you know where you want your life to go?

If any of these questions pique your interest, go ahead and download this free Year-End Practice toolkit.