green flash brewery cellar three bottles

Green Flash Cellar 3 Brand Strategy

With the expansion of their barrel program leading to the need for a new location and product line, longtime partner Green Flash Brewing Co. entrusted Mth Degree to create a sub-brand that elevates the Green Flash master brand, positions the program, location and beer as a premium experience and expands their audience.
Mth Degree created a rich brand story and elegant visual language that evolves the Green Flash master brand and positions Cellar 3 as crossing the threshold from craft to the art of brewing. The pure art concept comes to life through the label art and packaging.
Cellar 3 is being celebrated by new and existing consumers, expanding the Green Flash fan base and changing the way people think about beer. The new brand has poised Green Flash for continued growth in their ever-expanding search for exceptional brewing experiences.
green flash cellar 3 brand and bottles

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